Classixx - Faraway Reach

Just in time for the summer and warmer weather, we’re greeted with feel-good vibes by the LA duo in anticipation for their sophomore album, Faraway Reach, available 6/3 via Innovative Leisure.  With highlighted tracks, “Safe Inside” featuring Passion Pit, “I Feel Numb” featuring Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!) and “Just Let Go” with How To Dress Well already released the album is sure to be on heavy rotation this summer.

Faraway Reach:

01 Grecian Summer
02 In These Fine Times [ft. De Lux]
03 Safe Inside [ft. Passion Pit]
04 I Feel Numb [ft. Alex Frankel]
05 Just Let Go [ft. How To Dress Well]
06 The Dissolve" [ft. Isles]
07 Whatever I Want [ft. T - Pain]
08 Ndivile [ft. Nonku]
09 Faraway Reach
10 Eyes On Me [ft. Harriet Brown]
11 Pure Distraction
12. A Mountain With No Ending [ft. Panama]