One More Time

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We're excited to announce our next event "One More Time" where we'll be featuring sounds from nu-disco pioneers, Daft Punk, Breakbot, Chromeo, and many more! 

We couldn't be more thrilled to have Funk LeBlanc spin with us for this event! An amazing producer that has a ton of wonderful edits and released a fascinating single "WWMMD" featuring stunning vocals from Zacari Pacaldo, (who was featured on Kendrick Lamar's "LOVE"). Check out the sexy tune below:

Word on the street is he'll be playing some unreleased tracks too so be sure to come through and check it out.

As with all of our events, we'll be helping to raise funds to benefit The City Eats.
The City Eats is an organization dedicated to unifying the community through the purpose of eradicating hunger amongst the inner city homeless population. We prepare and distribute balanced meals personally, with love, care, and compassion on a monthly basis.

Glappitnova: Bay Area


Bay Area Disco is proud to be a part of something great this year! We're helping to spread the word for Glappitnova's annual celebration where they bring people from all walks of life together in one place while "it’s their duty to showcase, curate, highlight, and connect it to the world inspiring, educating, and entertaining others." This year's event will be held at Uber's office in San Francisco so come be a part of something special and RSVP above!


We are making a bigger impression in the Bay based on the success of last year. Once a year we unite our culture, inspirations, and people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and industries in multiple cities at the same time. Chicago ends this celebration on a massive scale where storytelling, panels, perspectives, mentorship, partying, entertainment, and more intersect inside of a hip warehouse with multiple rooms to better yourself. It's raw, real, and diverse, so don't expect to be surrounded by people exactly like you.